"You haven't lived, until you've lived with a pug" it's a saying among pugowners [some even say one does not own a pug, the pug owns you] ; a lot of pug-people can relate to that. When you first get to know the pug, you will probaby end up as a pugaholic. One often end up with more than one pug, as they are like potato chips, you can't stop with just one. The pug gets a lot of attention because of it's looks and actions. When you walk your pug you get comments like: "I see you feed your dog!", "Oh my...what a cute dog" or "Ouch, what an ugly dog, what do you use it for?". With it's little cobby body, rolling like movement, "pig tail", large, round, wrinkled and flat face with large round eyes, it often makes people smile or laugh. The pug is the clovn in the dog world, and it loves all the attention it get because of that. If you live with a pug, you don't have one day without smiles or laughter. That's what you "use" a pug for; to bring joy in your life. The pug is a loyal friend with a great deal of humor. If you decide to get a pug, you ought to be prepared for pug hair all over your house, [when the pug sheds, it usually sheds a lot] also in your bed and sofa. A pug is not the kind of dog you leave to stay in the hall, or outside. The pug wants to be close to it's family all the time, and will be unhappy if it's not allowed to be with you. A lot of people have soft and cozy beds for the pug in almost every room in their house. It will follow you everywhere, to sit or lay next to you, or by [or on] your feet. If you leave your pug in another room, it will most likely sit by the door and wait for you to come back, or scratch the door and call for you. Your friend will follow you wherever you go, also in the bath room and shower. The pug loves to sit in your lap, but do not think it's a couch potato because of that. It's a lot of strength and muscles in that cobby little body. "Multum in parvo" is the latin description of the pug, it means "much in little" also: a lot of dog in a small package. The pug loves to run and use it's body, for example on butterfly hunting in your backyard. A pug needs and want to exercise. The pug has no problem walking 1-2 hours, if it's in good shape. The important is; because of the pugs short nose ,- only short neccesary walks when the weather is hot or extremely cold. A couple of 20-30 minutes walk every day is a must, especially since the pug very easy gain weight [and since a pug owner very easily fall for their begging eyes, and give them more food than they need]. The pug love other dogs and breeds, the bigger the better. The pug won't cause any problem with other dogs/breeds if it's a dog who like other dogs.
Kids and pugs are a perfect match. Of course that depends on the both of them, and how they are both raised. A pug [or another dog] is not someones toy, and it expects to be treated with respect, also by kids. A pug who does not like all kinds of people, tall, short, big or small is atypical. You hardly ever hear about an antisocial or aggressive pug. With a little patience you can easily train and practice obedience with your pug. It's no typical working dog, but when a pug knows what to do, and how to do it, it will do almost everything to make it's owner happy [and of course, for a treat]. opyright © 2003 H. Fridtjofsen. All Rights Reserved
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