20 years with pugs


I practically grew up in the whelping box with my parent's newfoundlands. The interest for dogs, showing and breeding came early, and I started looking for a lap dog. I loved the newfies, but had a dream about a smaller breed. I got to know the pug, and fell totally in love. After a few years of searching, I could finally go to Stockholm and Humlans kennels and pick up my Humlans Murisadora Duncan, in 1987.

Dora had one litter in 1989, and I kept a boy which I called Another Undercover Lover. Living in an apartment in the city, I decided that 3 dogs was enough. [I brought one of my parents newfies - Larissimas Ebony And Ivory aka Tootsie with me, when I moved out from my parents home].

In 1995 I met Rambull's Billy Butler, and decided to share my life with him. Having only 2 pugs, I missed having a bigger dog around. I've never regreted that I picked the gentle giant; bullmastiff, for my next "large breed". Billy left us in January 2005. I'm very grateful for the 10 years we had together.

Johnny - Rambull's Kiss My Jazz has now taken the place as Pugbully's giant mascot.

In 1996 I went to Humlans to bring home yet another pug. Humlans Rubicon Ruby, who became my foundation bitch. Ruby have had 2 litters of 2 puppies in each. Her daughter N Ch Belly Button Bullypug gave us 3 litters with all together 13 puppies.

Kendoric's American Flyer came to Norway and Pugbully in 2001, 1 year old. He has been a great stud so far, and has passed his special and fantastic type to his children and grand children. He's the sire of [so far] 13 CHAMPIONS. Since I really like what Mister has produced, I went back to Doris and Kendoric to get a girl in 2005; Kendoric's All American Girl.

In 2004 I went back to Harriet at HumlansUndercover Lover
Kennels to bring home a boy; Humlans Josh Joshua. We believe he will contribute in the breeding of Pugbully pugs. Thanks to Harriet for letting us have him!

Our last addition is from Canada, Aisle's Black Apache Warrior aka Monty. Monty is a black boy with lots of substance and a lovely head and expression. I'm looking forward to see what Monty will do in the ring and give us in breeding. BIG THANKS to Isabel for trusting us Monty!

My goal is to breed perfect pugs with type, both in exterior and health. Although, I do not think I live long enought to reach my goal, I will do my best. I will not breed to give eveyone who wants a pug, a pug. I breed to give myself a pug, one that hopefully will contribute and help me reach my goal. Unfortunately I cannot keep all the puppies in a litter, therefor I try to find the best homes for the ones I cannot have at home.

Billy & Mira

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