Quite A Handful

This webpage is made for your information and pleasure. I will not try to talk you into buying a puppy from me. I'm not a salesperson, and do not keep waiting lists. If you are interested in getting a Pugbully pug, you'll have to try to talk me into letting you have one, and show me that you deserve one.

I breed for pretty and healthy pugs with type, and have only a few litters of puppies per year. I do not breed any bitch before her 3rd heat, or at least 20 months of age. I do not breed unless I have a sincere interest in keeping at least one of the puppies myself. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures and information. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Heidi Fridtjofsen
7630 ÅSEN

The redesign of our webpage seem to be a never ending project...meanwhile, check out latest PUGBULLY NEWS on

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